Source code for pyqtgraph.widgets.ProgressDialog

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from ..Qt import QtGui, QtCore

__all__ = ['ProgressDialog']
[docs]class ProgressDialog(QtGui.QProgressDialog): """ Extends QProgressDialog for use in 'with' statements. Example:: with ProgressDialog("Processing..", minVal, maxVal) as dlg: # do stuff dlg.setValue(i) ## could also use dlg += 1 if dlg.wasCanceled(): raise Exception("Processing canceled by user") """
[docs] def __init__(self, labelText, minimum=0, maximum=100, cancelText='Cancel', parent=None, wait=250, busyCursor=False, disable=False): """ ============== ================================================================ **Arguments:** labelText (required) cancelText Text to display on cancel button, or None to disable it. minimum maximum parent wait Length of time (im ms) to wait before displaying dialog busyCursor If True, show busy cursor until dialog finishes disable If True, the progress dialog will not be displayed and calls to wasCanceled() will always return False. If ProgressDialog is entered from a non-gui thread, it will always be disabled. ============== ================================================================ """ isGuiThread = QtCore.QThread.currentThread() == QtCore.QCoreApplication.instance().thread() self.disabled = disable or (not isGuiThread) if self.disabled: return noCancel = False if cancelText is None: cancelText = '' noCancel = True self.busyCursor = busyCursor QtGui.QProgressDialog.__init__(self, labelText, cancelText, minimum, maximum, parent) self.setMinimumDuration(wait) self.setWindowModality(QtCore.Qt.WindowModal) self.setValue(self.minimum()) if noCancel: self.setCancelButton(None)
def __enter__(self): if self.disabled: return self if self.busyCursor: QtGui.QApplication.setOverrideCursor(QtGui.QCursor(QtCore.Qt.WaitCursor)) return self def __exit__(self, exType, exValue, exTrace): if self.disabled: return if self.busyCursor: QtGui.QApplication.restoreOverrideCursor() self.setValue(self.maximum()) def __iadd__(self, val): """Use inplace-addition operator for easy incrementing.""" if self.disabled: return self self.setValue(self.value()+val) return self ## wrap all other functions to make sure they aren't being called from non-gui threads def setValue(self, val): if self.disabled: return QtGui.QProgressDialog.setValue(self, val) def setLabelText(self, val): if self.disabled: return QtGui.QProgressDialog.setLabelText(self, val) def setMaximum(self, val): if self.disabled: return QtGui.QProgressDialog.setMaximum(self, val) def setMinimum(self, val): if self.disabled: return QtGui.QProgressDialog.setMinimum(self, val) def wasCanceled(self): if self.disabled: return False return QtGui.QProgressDialog.wasCanceled(self) def maximum(self): if self.disabled: return 0 return QtGui.QProgressDialog.maximum(self) def minimum(self): if self.disabled: return 0 return QtGui.QProgressDialog.minimum(self)