Source code for pyqtgraph.widgets.DataTreeWidget

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from ..Qt import QtGui, QtCore
from ..pgcollections import OrderedDict
import types, traceback
import numpy as np

    import metaarray

__all__ = ['DataTreeWidget']

[docs]class DataTreeWidget(QtGui.QTreeWidget): """ Widget for displaying hierarchical python data structures (eg, nested dicts, lists, and arrays) """
[docs] def __init__(self, parent=None, data=None): QtGui.QTreeWidget.__init__(self, parent) self.setVerticalScrollMode(self.ScrollPerPixel) self.setData(data) self.setColumnCount(3) self.setHeaderLabels(['key / index', 'type', 'value'])
[docs] def setData(self, data, hideRoot=False): """data should be a dictionary.""" self.clear() self.buildTree(data, self.invisibleRootItem(), hideRoot=hideRoot) #node = self.mkNode('', data) #while node.childCount() > 0: #c = node.child(0) #node.removeChild(c) #self.invisibleRootItem().addChild(c) self.expandToDepth(3) self.resizeColumnToContents(0)
def buildTree(self, data, parent, name='', hideRoot=False): if hideRoot: node = parent else: typeStr = type(data).__name__ if typeStr == 'instance': typeStr += ": " + data.__class__.__name__ node = QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem([name, typeStr, ""]) parent.addChild(node) if isinstance(data, types.TracebackType): ## convert traceback to a list of strings data = list(map(str.strip, traceback.format_list(traceback.extract_tb(data)))) elif HAVE_METAARRAY and (hasattr(data, 'implements') and data.implements('MetaArray')): data = { 'data': data.view(np.ndarray), 'meta': data.infoCopy() } if isinstance(data, dict): for k in data.keys(): self.buildTree(data[k], node, str(k)) elif isinstance(data, list) or isinstance(data, tuple): for i in range(len(data)): self.buildTree(data[i], node, str(i)) else: node.setText(2, str(data))
#def mkNode(self, name, v): #if type(v) is list and len(v) > 0 and isinstance(v[0], dict): #inds = map(unicode, range(len(v))) #v = OrderedDict(zip(inds, v)) #if isinstance(v, dict): ##print "\nadd tree", k, v #node = QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem([name]) #for k in v: #newNode = self.mkNode(k, v[k]) #node.addChild(newNode) #else: ##print "\nadd value", k, str(v) #node = QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem([unicode(name), unicode(v)]) #return node